Level 3: Putting it all together!

Custom Sewing; Create Something Special

Fitting. Discover How to Fit Your Patterns. In this level the emphasis is on understanding how garments fit and altering a pattern to achieve a good fit for individual figures.

Ideally you should have completed some courses from level 1 and/or level 2 or you have considerable experience in sewing garments and understand how they go together and fit your body.

301 Personalised Fit

Personalised Fit; Fit and Design Courses; Fashion Design; Sew Teach meIn this intermediate sewing class, you will learn how to measure and analyse your body to achieve a good fitting pattern.

Using a block pattern for a fitted top and skirt you will adjust the pattern to your own measurements by using the correct fitting techniques.

Once the patterns have been altered you will cut a toile (a mock up), be fitted and make the pattern alterations necessary to create a top and skirt patterns which will fit your body.

Learn how to analyse your body shape and proportion, take you own measurements and compile a set of correct length and circumference measurements for your body.

You will learn how to do the most common pattern alterations for common figure issues including:

  • Lengthening and shortening
  • Adjusting for cup sizes
  • Moving dart positions
  • Increasing upper-arm width
  • Changing the shoulder slope
  • Sway back

Pattern, fabric and cardboard are provided to create your own individual patterns.

Check out when this course is available.

Duration: 4 Sessions x 3 hours

Cost: $250


Course previously known as: 401 Personalised Fit

“April was quite clear at explaining.” “Thank you April. It was very enjoyable each week. Hopefully I remember it all!”. (Emma E. Aug. 2018)

“The workbook is excellent.” “April is an experienced & helpful course instructor. I greatly valued the learnings.” (Lisa D. Aug. 2018)

“Excellent course – will be back to learn how to use my block.” (Jane D. June 2019)

302 Patterns Made to Fit

Patterns Made to Fit; Intermediate Sewing; Sewing Courses; Sew Teach meIn this short workshop you will learn how to take body measurements, analyse your body and adjust a sewing pattern to achieve a good fit.

You can bring along another person if your wish to sew a garment for somebody else.

Using your own pattern, closest to your hip (skirts) or chest (tops) size, you will adjust the pattern to fit your own measurements and make any required pattern alterations to fit your figure type.

You will fit the paper copy of the pattern to check lengths and placement.

This workshop is good to do before you start 201 Sew what your Want as you will have your pattern altered and ready to start cutting out.

You will need to provide your own pattern and toile fabric.

Check out when this course is available.

Duration: 1 Session x 3 hours

Cost: $75